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Every Friday, I share swipe-worthy website copy and what makes it awesome.

In a sea of hot internet takes and teardowns, I want Copy Love to be a beacon of positivity and inspiration. Because we could all do with a little extra love in our inboxes, right?

I aim to champion the craft of copywriting by demonstrating the thought that goes into each and every word on a page. And to showcase the amazing results that can be achieved if design and copy are given equal footing.

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The Copy Love criteria

When considering websites to feature, I use the following rough (but far from rigid) criteria as a guide. 


The internet is full of safe, sterile copy. I celebrate those with the courage to stick their head above the creative parapet and take calculated risks with their words. 


I live for clean, crisp copy that gets straight to the heart of the matter. Websites full of impenetrable jargon or self-indulgent nonsense need not apply.


While we like to think we’re rational beings, we’re really big old protein sacks full of emotion. The best copy taps into this and hits us right in the feels.


Master copywriters resist the temptation to drown readers in detail. They have the confidence to put just the right information in just the right places to seal the deal.

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